Utilization Of The Peel Of Breadfruit (Artocarpus altilis) As The Alternative Materials To Produce Glucose Syrup

Desiana Nuriza Putri, Elisa Kusno, Erika Novena Santoso, Faiqotul Hikmah, Dania Amalia Putri, Oki Indah Lestari
  JTP, pp. 83-90  


Breadfruit has many benefits for human yet the breadfruit peel has not been used optimally yet. The peel of breadfruit contains starch 39, 56%. The potentially starch source can be developed into glucose syrup is  starch of breadfruit peel. Glucose syrup is clear and thick liquid which is produced from starch hydrolysis. The kind of hydrolysis of starch are acid and enzymatic hydrolysis. In enzymatic method, there are two phases to produce glucose syrup, liquification phase and sacharisation phase. This research aims to find out the the effect of adding different  alfa-milase consentration  toward the quality of glucose syrup. Parameters measured are glucose level, water level, rendemen, and the colour of glucose syrup resulted. Experiment design used in this research is completely randomized block design (CRBD) with 1 treatment factor realised by adding enzime concentration with different α-amilase enzime which consist of 5 levels namely , A1= 0,1%, A2= 0,3%, A3= 0,5%, A4= 0,7% dan A5= 0,9% with 5 times repetition. The research result shows that the addition of different  α-amilase enzime concentration on liquification phase significantly affects yield, glucose level, reduction sugar,  and color of breadfruit glucose syrup.


glucose, breadfruit peel, hydrolisis ,α-amilase enzime

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