Low Temperature Crystallization for Vitamin E Concentrate Preparation from Palm Fatty Acid Distillate: Study on Solvent Type

Kgs. Ahmadi


Palm Fatti Acid Distillate (PFAD) is one source of natural vitamin E enrich with tocotrienol.  This research aimed to aplly low temperature solvent crystallyzation in vitamin E concentrate preparation from PFAD.  The advantage of this method is simple and low temperature use.  The crystallized PFAD fraction was unsaponifiable fraction from saponification process.  The elucidated factor was solvent type.  The result showed that PFASD contained vitamin E comprised of  tocopherol and ,  ,  tocotrienol and the major component was fatty acids.  The saponification process decreased free fatty acid content and increased vitamin E concentration.  The solvent type affected the characteristic of vitamin E concentrate including the concentration of vitamin E, antioxidant activity, free fatty acids content, and yield.  The most suitable solvent was hexane due to its non polar characteristic.

Keywords: low temperature crystallization, vitamin E concentrate, palm fatty acid distillate

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