The Effects of Mix Marketing (7P) and Consumers Behavior to Healthy Food Bar Product Purchasing Decision in Malang Region

Etty Carolina, Imam Santoso, Panji Deoranto


The improvement of activity and income the citizen need the practical, easy, fast, and nutritious foods. Healthy Food Bar (HFB) is a product that is considered a high nutritional value and practical. The purpose of this study was to determine the effect of variables simultaneously and partially in the marketing mix ( product attributes , pricing, distribution channels , promotion , people , process , physical environment ) as well as in consumer behavior (environmental factors, individual , psychological) to the purchasing decision HFB. The results of the study of 100 respondents showed variable marketing mix (product, price, distribution channels, promotion, people, process, physical environment) and consumer behavior (environmental factors, individual, psychological) simultaneously significant effect on product purchasing decisions HFB. In partial marketing mix (product, price, distribution channels, promotion, people, process) and consumer behavior variables (environmental factors, individual, psychological) significantly while the variable physical lingkungn insignificant effect on product purchasing decisions HFB .

Keywords: HFB, Marketing Mix, Consumer Behaviour, Purchasing Decision, Multiple Linear Regression

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