Development of Texture and Shelf Life Time Model of Sapote Fruit (Achras sapota L.) with Temperature and Pressure Variation under Hypobaric Storage

La Choviya Hawa


The objective of this research was to develop a model of texture and shelf life time of Sapote Fruit (Achras sapota L.) stored under hypobaric condition. The fruit was stored for 10 days at a various levels of combination of temperature and pressure. The temperature levels applied were 10° C and 20° C, and under a pressure of 30, 50 and 70 kPa.

It was observed that the fruit stored at 10° C under the pressure level of 30 kPa had the lowest texture (186.62 g/mm/s). The model of sapote fruit texture (Ti) and shelf life time (), applicable to the above pre-determined condition, may be expressed respectively, as follows:

..... (please take a look the formula in pdf files)

Key words: hypobaric, texture, shelf life time, sapote fruit

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