Application of Six Sigma Method for Process Improvement in Reducing Pack Defect of Greenfield Milk (Case Study in PT Greenfield, Malang)

Rifan Hariri, Retno Astuti, Dhita Morita Ikasari


PT Greenfield has always tried to produce milk in accordance with the standards in order to satisfy the consumer, but the fact showed that there were product defects in PT Greenfields. The defects were occurred in handling after the filling process which caused defects in packaging (pack defect). The aim of this research were knowing the factors that cause the pack defect of Greenfields ESL (Extended Self Life) milk and knowing the priority of proposed improvements  which would be used to reduce the number of pack defects of  Greenfields  ESL milk. Data were analyzed using six sigma methods through define, measure, analyze, and improve phase. The research results showed  that the factors caused pack leakage were problems of filling machine, dropping of stacked packs or pack hitting by  forklift, carelessness on stuffing, imprecise in placing cartoons on the pallet, human error/carelessness, flabby paper, and high humidity. Filling machine has the greatest value of RPN Risk Priority Number) of FMEA (Failure Mode Effect Analysis). It  indicates that the priority of improvements was on filling machine.

Keywords: Deffect, FMEA, RPN, six sigma

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